Yoon So Hee

Yoon So Hee

Aw, thanks for the love! I debated how to do it for a while, but I will split this into two reactions, so the first part, where VIXX finds out their girlfriend has a secret fan account, is below! I hope you enjoy! Click here for Part 2! You hear the notification sound from your phone in the other room, so you ask your boyfriend to check it. But then, he notices you got the notification on more than one account, so he checks the drop down to see all of your Twitter accounts. Your VIXX-filled feed leaves little to the imagination. N His face lights up, and he runs to hug you. This is so cute!

VIXX – Voodoo Doll (저주인형)

I must be in an angsty mood. These are way more similar to short scenarios, than reactions, so be warned that this post is relatively long. Nevertheless, so long as you like it, my broken heart from writing these will be worthwhile! You had planned to surprise Baekhyun by coming home early from your vacation, that had lasted for well over a month.

It was late at night so, you were sure to be quiet as you crept into the house, placing your tiptoeing feet carefully as you navigated yourself down the hall and to the bedroom.

Hey guys! I always wondered if the title of this song could be a pun with the word ‘sophomore’. Since it’s for their one year anniversary and so, the beginning of their second year I find it plausible.

Since there weren’t any other customers, it was easy to find him. He was sitting texting on his phone or something and I felt a bit tabken aback by how he looked. How did he make sitting look that good? He was slumped in his chair and had his legs crossed over each other. His dark hair fell a bit onto his eyes and his mouth was parted in a small ‘o’ shape. Should I got sit on the same table as him? I shook my head.

The man was getting a free dinner because of my actions, I should be the one deciding if HE should sit with me.

BTS (방탄소년단) – So 4 More

Audiovisual content[ edit ] Although K-pop generally refers to South Korean popular music, some consider it to be an all-encompassing genre exhibiting a wide spectrum of musical and visual elements. Systematic training of artists[ edit ] See also: Trainees live together in a regulated environment and spend many hours a day learning music, dance, foreign languages and other skills in preparation for their debut.

This “robotic” system of training is often criticized by Western media outlets. It has been remarked that there is a “vision of modernization” inherent in Korean pop culture.

The tall rose wood door seemed to shine with gloss as you reached out for the cold brass handle, with a slight twist and click the door opened. vixx vixx hyuk vixx smut vixx scenarios vixx hyuk scenario vixx hyuk smut vixx fantasy fantasy vixx hyuk imagine look The two of you have been dating online for 6 months & when it reached the 7.

The request box is currently closed! However, please do not be afraid to stop by and chat with us! The lyrics that inspired each part are written in italics. They are so amazing. He still stayed calm and collected, thankfully. Two of the boys sat between you while the other two sat beside you. You quietly snickered, your gaze catching Ravi, who smiled knowingly. N stood up, walking to the TV and taking the disk out.

He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards his bedroom.

New Videos for: Amber Vixx

Thanks for the request! I do hope you like it though!! Romance, Fluff Word Count: Finally, an entire day for you to do whatever you wanted. Could it get any better? Days passed right before your eyes and before you knew it, they turned into weeks.

VIXX Profile; Wanna One Profile Seungho and are in a public relationship and they’ve been dating for years. (Source via Instagram Live) 4th left shin, 5th in kindergarten his finger got severed when it got caught between glass doors in a bathhouse. He received a finger reattachment operation. – After saying all of this, B.

Hyuk x Reader Genre: One person has the power to change your perspective on the world so quickly, leave you feeling so sick, so dark, so…damaged. He was a gambler, however he did not gamble with money, but feelings. He sat in his study, sorting through complex papers as he smoked one of his gold flaked cigarets, running a hand through his deep auburn brown hair. There was one quality Hyuk held that both got you angry and made you feel secure, he is always right, especially in the bedroom.

He knows how to make you feel so good, but he also knows how to make you feel such things as too good. When he thinks of you, how that smirk of his never seems to leaves his face. It was passed 7pm, Hyuk had been in his study for almost 10 hours now. The tall rose wood door seemed to shine with gloss as you reached out for the cold brass handle, with a slight twist and click the door opened.

When Hyuk finally appeared he was sporting nothing but an opened black shirt and some fitted black dress trousers.


Still feeling particularly mean today towards animeotakupooh I love you, but I live to tease you Rating: PG Inspired by Warnings: Language Sooyeon sighed as she shut her laptop.

VIXX – Voodoo Doll (저주인형) Posted on November 19, December 26, by jacobryan. Yeah Open the doors of hell Sinners who made her cry, Cry tears of blood Sing it, the song of the curse, Tell me the hidden fury inside of you My flesh is an offering to you.

Fluffy Wonshik is fluffy I hope you enjoy! JiYoon walked in, completely amazed at the set up. It had to be the size of an upscale apartment. Every piece of equipment that you would need to make music was here. It was simply decorated and two grey couches sat on opposite sides of the room. They looked soft and plushy, begging for someone to take a nap on them. She heard the door close behind her and she turned around to find Wonshik smiling at her. She found that she liked his smile. You have everything you need here!

Somewhere I could be by myself and work how I needed to. Sometimes it just gets a little hectic at the company and its hard to concentrate. Its like a little hideaway. Walking over to it, she opened the door to reveal a full bathroom, complete with a toilet and shower.

Secret Door

Jan 07 8: I quite liked the mature acting by Je-Hoon. I also liked the way the child actress Ji-Dam portrayed her character.

K-pop is a cultural product that features “values, identity and meanings that go beyond their strictly commercial value.” It is characterized by a mixture of Western sounds with .

Originally posted by inspiriit It had been hard, dating an idol is difficult. Yet they still called what they had a relationship. Where had the time gone? She missed him and wanted to fix whatever was broken. The door opened and shut, followed by quick footsteps to the living room. Taekwoon stood there, out of breath and chest heaving.

He stripped himself of his coat and hung it over a chair before taking a seat next to her. It was the two of them in front of a Christmas tree. They both looked incredibly happy, a change from how they were now. I missed you too, you know. Looking at him, she realised he was looking at the picture with a faint smile.

Idol Days Sim Date

Originally posted by chyogi It had been two months since you and your boyfriend had decided to part ways. Since then you realized that you missed the company of having another person with you when ever you needed them to be. You had started to feel exhausted with the friendships and relationships you had with everyone, and it made you think if you had really ever known anything about them.

A bunch of your friends had decided to go out that night, and had tried to drag you along.

Staring at the wall, she wondered if these were the troubles of dating a celebrity. Twenty minutes later, a knock on the door snapped her out of her reverie. Shuffling to the door she opened it, revealing Jaehwan, damp and pink due to the rain and cold as he waved the bag of take away with a grin.

He kept threatening to firing you for your incompetent work. Taekwoon, your boyfriend of 4 months had managed to convince you to go on a public date with him. After much reluctance you agreed, just to see him happy. You had been spotted by a fan and dozens of pictures of the two of you were taken and posted all over the internet. They laughed at your appearance saying Taekwoon could do so much better than you. Have you seen her? The only thing that made you want to move was the fact that Taekwoon would be at yours and distract you from your current thoughts.

Sluggishly trailing through the hallway into the kitchen and calling out his name, you confirmed that the man you most desperately needed right now was not here. After standing in the kitchen for several minutes, you managed to convince yourself that he was probably hanging out with the boys for a meal or something on their night off.

The other part of brain told you that he probably found someone else and was never coming back.


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