List of museums in Kent

List of museums in Kent

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Huge network of tunnels discovered under Primark store in Kent

Site search Cobham Hall Cobham Hall is an outstandingly beautiful red brick mansion dating from , which demonstrates an exciting combination of Elizabethan, Jacobean, Carolean and 18th Century styles. The Elizabethan wings date from while the central section contains the Gilt Hall, wonderfully decorated by John Webb, Inigo Jones’ most celebrated pupil, in Further rooms were later decorated by James Wyatt in the 18th Century.

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Interested in taking part in some practical archaeology?

Grooved Ware was the first pot-form to have a flat base. It first appears on the Scottish Isles in the Middle Neolithic period, perhaps as early as BC and its use gradually spread throughout Britain. This is linked with the spread of the Henge monument phenomena. Grooved Ware sherd from the Monkton Gas Pipeline Illustration of a Grooved Ware pot from Durrington Walls Copyright unknown at present The term Grooved Ware reflects the decoration on the vessels which often consists of grooved lines forming panels which are infilled with various abstract designs.

The story of how Domne Eafe acquired the land for her monastery at Thanet when her brothers were murdered by a councillor of her cousin, Ecgberht of Kent (–73), is variously related in a number of Latin and Old English works.

Saturday, 7 October Saharan and trans-Saharan contacts and trade in the Roman era The following post offers a brief discussion of Saharan and trans-Saharan contacts in the Roman era along with a distribution map of Roman finds made beyond the southern boundary of the empire. This interaction is thought to have been primarily driven by a trans-Saharan trade in slaves that was largely organized and controlled by the ancient Garamantes of the Libyan Sahara.

Click here for a larger version of this image; note, the black dotted line represents the approximate normal southern edge of the Roman Empire in the second century AD. Image drawn by C. Undoubtedly the most significant archaeological evidence for Roman interaction with the regions to their south comes from the Libyan Sahara, in particular the Wadi al-Ajal Fazzan area once occupied by the Garamantes , around 1, kilometres south of Tripoli.

Although the Garamantes are referred to by a number of classical authors from Herodotus onwards, it is only in recent years that the scale and significance of both the Garamantian civilisation and Roman trade and contacts with them has been recognized. At its height, Garama was home to around 4, people, with a further 6, living within 5 km in surrounding satellite villages and many more—perhaps up to , in total—living across the Garamantian territory as a whole, and the archaeological evidence accumulated over the last generation or so from this area indicates that there were, in fact, significant Roman influences on both Garamantian architecture and culture, despite its situation so far to the south of the Roman border.

So, for example, monumental public buildings and the grander houses of the Garamantes from the first century AD were built using ashlar stonework, rather than mudbrick, with colonnaded courtyards, Mediterranean-type wine presses, and even hypocaust fragments, marble veneers and hydraulic cement indicative of a Roman-style bath-house all being in evidence. Likewise, significant quantities of Roman imports have been recovered from over sites in the Wadi al-Ajal and southern Fazzan, including Roman finewares such as African Red Slip Ware; amphorae that once contained wine, olive oil and fish products; and lamps, jewellery and glassware.

As Andrew Wilson has emphasised in an important survey of the evidence, The apparent ubiquity of imported pottery finewares and transport amphorae suggests that imports from the Roman world were not simply restricted to an elite few, but were fairly widely available in Garamantian society, both in the Wadi al-Ajal and the Murzuq depression.

The peak of this exceptional Roman contact and trade with the Saharan Garamantes, suggested to have required a caravan trade ‘numbering in the hundreds of camel loads per year’, appears to have come in the late first to early fourth centuries AD, but Late Roman and early Byzantine imports continued to arrive in this region through into the fifth, sixth and seventh centuries, albeit in lesser quantities. Kite photograph of the archaeological remains at Germa, Libya, capital of the Garamantes; click for a larger version of this image.

The building in the bottom half of the image had stone footings and was excavated in the s; it was fronted by a broad set of steps and incorporated columns in its facade.

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A brief note on the nature and context of the London camel remains The following note looks briefly at the question of camels in Roman Britain. Recent work has demonstrated that both dromedaries or Arabian camels and Bactrian camels were indeed in use across much of Europe during the Roman era and into the early medieval period , and in this context an early twentieth-century record of Roman camel remains found at Greenwich Park, London, is of considerable interest.

Sites with Roman-era camel remains in Europe. There is now a fairly substantial body of archaeological evidence showing that both dromedaries and Bactrian camels were present in modern Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and the Balkans between the first and the fifth centuries AD, with the majority of finds dating from the third century AD or after.

Designation as an SSSI gives legal protection to the most important wildlife and geological sites. This internationally renowned site has yielded the largest number of stone tools and flakes in Britain dating to the Early Middle Paleolithic These woods are partly on acidic Thanet Sands and partly on chalk soils.

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Gravesend Old Town Hall

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The latter two sub-types are particularly distinctive and are of high conservation value because of the diversity of species they may support and their general scarcity in UK waters. Shallow sandy sediments are typically colonised by a burrowing fauna of worms, crustaceans, bivalve molluscs and echinoderms. Mobile epifauna at the surface of the sandbank may include shrimps, gastropod molluscs, crabs and fish.

Where coarse stable material, such as shells, stones or maerl is present on the sediment surface, species of foliose seaweeds, hydroids, bryozoans and ascidians may form distinctive communities. Shallow sandy sediments are often important nursery areas for fish, and feeding grounds for seabirds especially puffins Fratercula arctica, guillemots Uria aalge and razorbills Alca torda and sea-duck e.

They are often component habitats of Estuaries and Large shallow inlets and bays. European status and distribution Sandbanks which are slightly covered by sea water all the time occur widely on the Atlantic coasts of north-west Europe. UK status and distribution Click to view UK distribution of this habitat Sandbanks which are slightly covered by sea water all the time occur widely around the UK coast.

List of English Heritage properties

The fortuitous discovery of bifacial hand axes, and Levallois flakes and cores in , led to a major programme of fieldwork and analysis. Geophysical, geoarchaeological, palaeoenvironmental and archaeological datasets have been integrated producing a comprehensive understanding of the seabed and wider Pleistocene palaeogeography.

The Early Middle Palaeolithic artefacts, particularly the Levallois elements, indicate Neanderthal activity around , and , years ago apparently constrained to cold, estuarine environment of the now-submerged lower reaches of the Palaeo-Yare Valley. The exploitation of this landscape has left an archaeological record of international significance. An extraordinary series of human and animal remains were recovered from the Late Bronze Age—Middle Iron Age mortuary feature, revealing a wealth of evidence for mortuary rites including exposure, excarnation and curation.

The site seems to have been largely abandoned in the later Iron Age and very little Romano-British activity was identified.

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List of English Heritage properties

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