BioWare Will Not Use the Recently-Patented EA Matchmaking Algorithm

BioWare Will Not Use the Recently-Patented EA Matchmaking Algorithm

Suggest a correction to this article “clash of clans,” the massively popular mobile online game developed by Supercell recently unveiled a new feature, the 5v5 War. The latest update also included some in-game tweaks involving the matchmaking process, enhancement of the Town Hall 11 hero, the Grand Warden, and an unseen groundwork for the supposed massive December Update. This latest update changed that by adding a pocket-size war feature, the 5v5 War. That being said, the fans of the game are clearly expecting that this update will be better than the Halloween event. Introducing a smaller Clan War size actually makes sense since winning these wars usually come down to the 5 or 10 best players in a Clan. While a Clan War that includes the cream of the crop sounds an interesting proposition for a clan, it doesn’t look enticing for Clans having a large number of members. It is because the 5v5 War follows the same basic rule of the traditional Clan War. It means that the Clan can only fight a single war at a time. So while their best people are involved in the 5v5 War, the other members are left with nothing to do. On the other hand, Clans used to fighting a 10v10 or 15v15 war can easily choose their best players or rotate their players so as to be included in this 5v5 War.

War Weight Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars (Updated!)

Clash of Clans I do know that. I up to date the bases right here with some contemporary layouts for. When your clan decides to go to Clan War the matchmaking algorithm will sum up all of your defensive power and your offensive power with a metric referred to as battle weight. That is the place the. A participant decides to go to a brand new City Corridor degree, e.

Our clan is in no way a top tier clan but our last matchup is brutal, non of our bases are rushed, none are engineered, war matchup is as follows, 1 max th11, 1 mid th11 with eagle, 1 close to max th10, 3 th9’s(mid to max), 1 th8, 2 th7 and 1 th5, all maxed or getting there.

I feel that I should cover them here as well as they are still very popular. I updated the bases here with some fresh layouts for. When your clan decides to go to Clan War the matchmaking algorithm will sum up all your defensive strength and your offensive strength with a metric called war weight. If you really want to know everything about war weight you should check this recent article I wrote: This is where the. A player decides to go to a new Town Hall level, e.

TH9, but only upgrades troops. In war weight, the base will be weighted as a TH8 base, but the base has very strong troops and is able to attack all TH9 bases. You have 2 attacks where you can score 6 Stars in total, while your base can only lose 3 Stars in total. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and we will send you our free Strategy Guide that helped more than , Clashers so far. Who Should Do The. Obviously, you cripple your base and this strategy is only for war focused players.

You will not upgrade defenses, walls or buy the new defenses available — especially X-Bows, Inferno Towers or Eagle Artillery, because they are weighted very heavy in matchmaking.

Update 0.7.4 Patch notes

March 11th, Forum Post Changes: Certain mission types will no longer endlessly spawn enemies if the mission goals themselves aren’t being met. Syndicate Interception Missions are now 2 rounds instead of 4. Fixes for a few gameplay crashes. Fixed incorrect Market description of Neural Sensors and Neurodes.

Supercell just made the coc clan war matchmaking algorithm to the matchmaking algorithm which join today and the calculation algorithm considers. Join today and. Supercell war matchmaking algorithm Decoding clash of character of clans will hopefully make it .

This is a basic guide to Clan War, it explains the following: Preparation Day in Clan Wars reduced to 23 hrs Supercell provides this comprehensive guide on their support site. The original can be found here. This guide is reproduced here for ease of reading, to avoid the laborious task of opening and closing multiple pages, there are 26! What is a Clan War? Clan Wars gives you and your Clan a chance to show the entire game community who rules the battlefields once and for all.

A Clan War is a strategic battle between two randomly matched Clans. Both clans need to have the same amount of members in their clan and be of comparable strength. There are two phases in a Clan War: During this time, you can make adjustments before the fighting begins. This gives you the chance to change your War Base layout and donate troops to your Clan members. Changes you perform on your War Base during the Clan War will not affect your village outside of the war.

This also means that any troops donated to your War Base will not be available in your regular village, and vice versa. Each participant can attack twice during Battle day, so make each attack count.

Supercell clan war matchmaking,

Balloon level 7 In Town Hall 11, air armies have dwindled in popularity. These new levels should help revitalize high-level air armies while helping to defend against the ground rush. They might even catch an extra Valkyrie! Other Edit Mode tools: Tap Builder Info to see and select suggested upgrades to perform Live spectator count is now shown during attack – see how many others are watching!

WAR [War] SuperCell War Matching System This post is about war matchmaking. The quote you included was only about how the ranking on the war map is determined. The problem with your idea is that the algorithm for clan matching is totally different to the algorithm for ordering your war bases. The war bases are laid out in order of.

In Air Realistic mode, matchmaking is performed based on the aircraft selected for the battle. Since the vehicles not selected cannot be used in the battle, there is no need to include them in the calculation. In Ground Forces Arcade mode, matchmaking is performed based on the tank with the highest BR in the set.

In Ground Forces Realistic mode, matchmaking is performed based on the tank or aircraft with the highest BR in the entire set depending on which vehicle has the highest BR. Many players have a preference for several modes. For their convenience, there is a ” vehicle preset ” mechanism, which allows players to save preferred and frequently used vehicle arrangements in their hangar.

This allows players to prepare for any type of battle in just a few clicks.

: Your Home For “All Things Weight” in Clash of Clans!

Back to Top Post by jamie on Dec 1, But first, a little breakdown of where I was at in TH8 before I upgraded. All pumps, mines, storages, etc. I left him at level 2 to save the 6 million Elixir for the transition to TH9. Once I moved to TH9, here’s my upgrade path: Once TH9 is on the map, immediately add all new storages, archer tower, wizard, wall pieces, etc.

The matchmaking algorithm is still currently in development and is slated for a near-future release soon! But we wanted to make sure we communicated this to you all and let you know that ensuring an enjoyable Clan War is just as important to us as it is to you.

July 24, Clan War Matchmaking Improvements As we have said in the past, one of our most important goals in matchmaking for Clan Wars is to ensure that each Clan is more evenly matched against the other. While we have made changes and updates to our matchmaking algorithm over time, we also understand much more needed to be done to provide an enjoyable War experience while preventing one Clan from having a major advantage over the other.

What this means for you is that your Clan will be more evenly matched against other Clans that have similar builds. One of the challenges in creating a matchmaking system is to allow players to retain their creativity in their base design and play style. We wanted to make sure that your strategies are not invalidated; just more evenly matched against others who share your play style. Our improved algorithm is an evolutionary step in making sure Clans will be matched more frequently against opponents of equivalent difficulty.

Furthermore, we have also built in a certain degree of flexibility into the new system that allows us to fine tune the matchmaking weights as needed. This will allow us to monitor the matchmaking, make changes if we feel the weights are either too heavy or not heavy enough.

War Weight Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars (Updated!)

Controlling your War Weight is how to get a good matchup in Clan Wars. Upgrading any of these items increases their Weight. All Weight is not assigned equally. Each type of item has a different Weight, and the Weight of upgrading each item can change at each level. This total is the War Weight. Supercell matches Clans against others of similar overall War Weight.

The Clan War matchmaking system in Clash of Clans bases the way it works on the data which is called “weight”. The total weight of all the villages which join the War of .

LocationOntario, Canada Posted 11 February – Signed up with House Marik for 14 days, I think it was. Played about 4 matches per evening. First 2 battles, we happened to have at least one 3-man named unit on our side, and they typed in chat where to meet up, whether to bring lights or big guys next drop, etc. So a decent bit of coordination that helped the new CWers. Won one, lost one but it was close Sometimes I was on a good team, sometimes the larger groups called strategy sometimes they just did their own thing.

As the 2nd week neared an end, I felt I had learned enough that if we were a total solo-PUG group I would call some basic moves and locations not as ‘commander’ but just as, hey guys lets meet in D4 then push Beta sorta thing.


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